Sunday Mornings at Kislingbury

Our Sunday morning service in Kislingbury starts at 10:30am each Sunday morning and normally finishes around 12 noon.

It is an opportunity for those that want to do so, to give thanks to God through songs, talk to God through prayer and try to understand the nature of God and life more, through listening to and thinking about a talk on this.

We believe that church should be for all ages and stages of life and so alongside regular all-age church services, we have a ‘KidzChurch’ that leaves the main service after about the first 20 minutes to meet in an adjacent room, where they do their own activities and fun stuff.

We also have a small play area at the back of the main church that parents with smaller children can use during the morning service.

All our children’s workers are DBS (CRB) checked.

We are very happy for children or young people to stay in the main service if they would prefer to, and for a parent to join their child in the KidzChurch if they would be nervous about going in by themselves.


Day: Every Sunday morning

Time: 10:30—12:00

Venue: Kislingbury & Upton Baptist Church, Mill Lane, Kislingbury, NN7 4BD


If you are visiting for the first time, there is some other information you might find useful, here


There is also some information about our current series of talks, below…

 Who is Jesus?

Is a there a God? And if there is, are they loving? Can God be known and experienced?

Is there a purpose to life in general, or my life In particular? Can God change a person’s life and circumstances, radically for good?

Christians generally believe that Jesus Christ came to show what God is like through his actions, explain what God is like through his teaching, and reconnect us to God through his death and resurrection.

Throughout 2020 we will be looking at the life and teaching of Jesus each and every Sunday morning at Kislingbury and Upton Baptist Church. You would be most welcome to join us.