Our History

In 1801 a group of Dissenters (non-conformists) in Kislingbury registered a barn belonging to Richard Harris as a place of worship. This followed over 30 years of registering homes within the village for worship.  This barn was purchased in 1804 for use as a Baptist Meeting House, set aside for worship.

It was a further 6 years before this group of Baptist believers formally established Kislingbury Baptist Church and appointed the first minister, Samuel Adams.  In 1810 the membership was around 20, some of these were from Harpole.

Samuel Adams came from Tiverton Baptist Church in Devon, he was only 23 when he took up this appointment.  Shortly after arriving he married a local woman, Mary Watts, the daughter of one of the church’s early sponsors.
They used the converted barn as a church for nearly 20 years, then in 1828 the present church was built on the site of the barn.  It was eventually extended with a schoolroom in 1873 and again in 1928 with another schoolroom.
Since its formation the church has had 15 ministers, the last 3 in conjunction with Harpole Baptist Church.

Ken Thomason was the last minister and the longest serving.  He will be remembered with affection by many.
In August 2009 the church was able to appoint a minister, the Rev Marilyn Webb.  This was the first full time Baptist minister to be appointed at Kislingbury for 30 years.

Following the appointment of the Rev Marilyn Webb and the purchase of a manse at Upton, the church’s area of ministry was extended to include Upton.  In July 2010 a decision was taken by members to rename the church as ‘Kislingbury and Upton Baptist Church’ to reflect this change.

In February 2016 the Rev Marilyn Webb was called to a new post and the church is presently in the process of appointing a new minister