Our Core Values

We believe our Core Values are not just what we do but who we are; our identity. We intend to be:

  • A worshipping church
  • An inclusive church
  • A growing church
  • An outward focused church
  • A serving church

A Worshipping Church
“Worship nurtures our relationship with God and we therefore commit to keeping our worship of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the centre of all we do. We recognise that we have been saved by grace because of God’s great love for us and we therefore seek to reflect God’s grace in our relationships with others.”

We meet to worship each Sunday morning in the chapel in Kislingbury, with our praise and worship enhanced wonderfully by our Worship Team.

We recognise that we need to seek new ways of communicating the gospel in an age where the “formality” of church is no longer meeting the needs of those who have had no previous connection with the Christian faith, for example through Messy Church and Café Church.

An Inclusive Church
“In our lives together we will seek to live as a church which welcomes and accepts everyone from all walks of life and identifies with those who are rejected, deprived and powerless.”

Being in a village means we are unlikely to have someone who is passing by just drop in, but we are actively making the effort to meet people from all walks of life in the activities and groups we host. These activities are not aiming to preach to the people we meet, but to meet with and share interests, for example through our Book Club. We care for and help the people we meet and pray that they may become interested to know more over time.

We also have a good ecumenical relationship with a number of other churches within the Upton parish, and are happy to work together for Gods’ glory.

A Growing Church
“We desire to follow Christ in whole-life discipleship, seeking to continually know Christ better and to be more like him. We commit to helping each other grow along that journey, never thinking that we have arrived. We commit to attending Sunday morning worship, Church Meetings and small groups whenever possible.”

We seek for prayer to be at the centre of all we do. There is a weekly prayer meeting held on a Tuesday morning. Praying for each other and all of the groups and activities of our church – both to build each other up and to make the gospel relevant and meaningful to everyone we come into contact with.

We have Small Groups meeting fortnightly to help each other to grow, and to be closer to our Lord, as well as a mens’ group, Men Matter, which provides an opportunity to grow together through fun, friendship and fellowship.

An Outward Focused Church
“As individuals and as a church we seek to bring other people to a personal experience of God’s saving love and into a relationship with Him and we will demonstrate in our words and actions God’s forgiving and healing love.”

Our outward focused activities focus on bringing the love of Jesus to everyday lives, whether it be through our Carer and Toddler groups or many other activities we provide in the community. We also support activities in Northampton, with members of our church actively involved in things such as Street Church and the Local Food Bank. Internationally, we support the BMS with our links to Linda & Tim Darby in Uganda on a regular basis and respond to crises around the world as is needed.

A Serving Church
“We acknowledge that all are gifted and we will seek to discern, with the help of the church, how God gifted us and use those gifts for the benefit of the church and our neighbourhoods. We recognise that all we have belongs to God and we will freely give to Him so that he will be glorified and His kingdom extended.”

In addition to the regular activities to support our local communities we take part in various annual events within our communities of Kislingbury and Upton. For example, we support the Kislingbury Village Weekend by joining in the flower-pot men competition, hosting children’s games and serving refreshments.

Our church family work very hard, using their giftings’ to support the church, the church family and to serve in many practical ways.